Big Dick And The Twins

Big Dick and The Twins is a comedy rock band that is made to satisfy your urge for incredibly tasteless music.

Producing songs from a wide range of genres, Big Dick Whittaker and his backing band The Twins create obscenely funny, yet well-crafted tunes that possess memorable hooks and leave your tapping toe itching for more. Songs such as the hip-hop infused ‘I Shit The Bed’, 80’s hair-metal parody ‘Fuck Nugget’, and the country rock ditty ‘World Champion Jerk Off’ are just a few examples of the band’s wild repertoire. 

Controversial Debut Twin Singles By Big Dick & The Twins 

BD&TT also produces political tunes, particularly ones directed at Donald Trump. Inspired by the ridiculous rise of the Trump administration, BD&TT have released two singles that portray the obvious corruption of the Trump and the Republican Party: Let It Slide and Devin Nunes.

Big Dick And The Twins Big Dick & The Twins Let It Slide Rhubarb Palace
Let It Slide

Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Don Jr……they all colluded with the Russians to swing the election to Donald Trump. But it’s cool man, the Republicans are gonna let it slide. Someone in the Trump admin may have committed perjury or treason, but hey it’s ok, they gonna let it slide. And all the people at home watching Fox News? You know they gonna let it slide. This tune by BD&TT captures the dangerous hypocrisy of conservative politics: “For the sake of pride, just deny, and LET IT SLIDE”

Devin Nunes Big Dick and The Twins Rhubarb Palace
Devin Nunes

Devin Nunes is the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. He is also a truly horrible human being, intent on using his position in order to obstruct justice for the sake of politics. So BD&TT decided to dedicate a cute, toe tapping, eponymous tribute to that treasonous piece of crap from the CA-22nd district. “Devin Nunes you are a despicable, deplorable, completely fucking horrible human being….it’s true True TRUE!!!”.

“OH THAT MAN!” Big Dick & The Twins Debut Album Set for November 2019 Release

A full length, debut album of original material from BD&TT entitled “Oh That Man!” is slated for a November 2019 release by Rhubarb Palace Music. Stay connected to BD&TT  and other media to find out more about future releases as they become available. 

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