QrnQ Byrne Bridges QrnQ combines digital music, live performance, and multimedia clips to create intense high tempo mash ups, surrealistic long play cut ups, and cinematic soundscapes.


Out On Full / Gravity Creep

QrnQ, Out On Full, Rhubard Palace Muisc

The first two QrnQ releases are sprawling, cinematic compositions. Set to an intense pastiche of digital music, samples and live drums, these songs traverse the styles of drone, goth, progressive rock, and jazz fusion to create wild, surrealistic audio narratives.

QrnQ, Gravity Creep, Rhubarb Palace Music

Let’s Do It! A Mash Up Tribute to 70’s Disco

QrnQ Let's Do It 70's Disco Mash Up

The first mashup from QrnQ is entitled Let’s Do It! A Mash Up Tribute to 70’s Disco. With tempos as fast as 220 beats per minute,  this 17 minute tribute mashes together songs from the Donna Summer, Dianna Ross, Musique, Village People, Chic, The Bee Gees, and other early disco legends.

Live Shows

QrnQ is putting together a live show with intent to begin performances in 2019. So please stayed tuned to QrnQ for more updates as they come along.

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