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The Mandies: Musical Euphoria Made for Quaaludes

Methaqualone, otherwise known as Quaaludes or Mandrax, was all the rage across the U.S., UK, and Western Europe during the 1960’s and 70’s. Prescribed as a sedative, ‘Ludes’ or ‘Mandies’ were marketed as a cure for insomnia and a muscle relaxant. And they were certainly that…..and so much more. 

Mandies were a notorious party drug, capable of rendering someone in a perfectly dreamy state of euphoria. They were a favorite of stars from David Bowie to Liza Minelli, and a staple of the scene at the legendary Studio 54.  They were also so highly addictive and prone to causing overdoses.  The U.S. and UK governments had banned methaqualone and effectively removed it from the black market during the 1980’s.

Today a generation has passed unaware of the incredibly captivating qualities of this drug. As an act of audio nostalgia for this dangerous, seductive, and enchanting drug, Rhubarb Palace introduces The Mandies. This is music made for quaaludes: dreamy and enchanting, like an auditory combination of dilaudid and ecstasy. 

Upcoming Debut Release from The Mandies

Rhubarb Palace Music proudly announces the debut of Lemmon 714, the debut release from The Mandies. Set for release in the Fall of 2019, Lemmon 714 will make the world seem all nice and fuzzy again. 

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