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Crucible Hex: Experimental Multi-Tempo Music

There is an emergence of experimental music theory in popular music. Beginning with the work of composers like Frank Zappa and Wendy Carlos to contemporary musical acts like Aphex Twin, Secret Chiefs 3,  and ‘mathcore’ bands, musicians are utilizing microtonal / alternative tunings, polyrhythms, and other concepts taken from experimental music like never before.

Crucible Hex is part of this emerging tradition. Influenced by composers like Cowell, Stockhausen, Ferneyhough, and Ades, Crucible Hex utilizes irrational time signatures, polyrhythms, and other experimental devices to produce experimental, multi-tempo pop music. 

Upcoming Releases from Crucible Hex

Starting with their debut in 2019, Crucible Hex will produce seven albums over the coming years that will explore a broad range of popular music. Traveling from electronic music to progressive rock to jazz, Crucible Hex  pushes the boundaries of pop, most prominently through multi-tempo music.

Crucible Hex on the web

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