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A lot has changed in the music business over the last 30 years. One big change is the importance of live shows. Ticket prices and fees are higher than ever. Income from live shows has never been more important to musicians. And live shows have never been more valuable to fans.

I’ve also changed a lot of the last 30 years. I don’t have the energy or the durability to play in empty houses night after night, hoping that some day they’ll add up. I need to maximize my efforts.

Therefore I am considering doing something a bit radical. I am looking into doing pre-sale for all live shows involving the Rhubarb Palace Music roster.

I have not set up the platform yet. Shit! I haven’t even released the music yet!! Still, when it comes down to it, unless someone wants to pay me or us a butt load of cash to play, we are gonna do pre-sale for live shows.

I imagine it would go something like this.

I set up a Paypal account for ticket buyers. When someone buys a ticket, the money is held in escrow. At any time a ticket buyer can either:

  •  use it toward a performance which includes a ticket, poster, and choice of T-shirt or other merch.
  • continue to hold it in escrow until the show you want to go to gets booked
  • request a refund (minus paypal fees).

When I have sold enough tickets for a show, I will book the show at the appropriate venue.

I still have to work out the basics. More on this in the coming year!